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Chapel of Beata Vergine Addolorata

Address: Frazione Remondini, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. It dates back to the early nineteenth century. Renovated and extended by a span in 1934 with its tall and tap...
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Chapel of Bricco Gallo

Address: Strada Tigliole, 11, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Entitled to S. Giuseppe. It is owned by the Gallo family. Built in 1929 and blessed by the priest Don Luigi Stella, on 19 March 1931 It was sheltered ...
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Chapel of Immacolata Concezione

Address: Frazione Malaterra, Strada Pocola, 13, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Very old chapel with pronaos and access steps. It was restored in 1962 thanks to the benefactor Giai Francesca, still remembered today. Feast: 8 Decem...
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Chapel of Madonna del Buon Consiglio

Address: Via Roma, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Built in 1793 and donated in 1931 to the parish church by Adele Pansoia, Gallo Francesca and Besusso Adamo. It is equipped with a valuable painting de...
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Chapel of S. Francesco d’Assisi

Address: Frazione Valperosa, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
It dates back to 1966 based on the design of the architect Quaglia. It was built by the Torchio Pio company, in a modern style. In the Valperosa hamle...
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Chapel of S. Martino

Address: Strada Serra Nani, 4, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Built in 1879 following a vote by the bourgeoisie for the grace of a beautiful and abundant harvest. Blessed by Mons. Pio Casetta in 1883. The statue ...
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Chapel of Sposalizio di S. Giuseppe

Address: Strada Pocola, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Chapel dedicated to the wedding of S. Joseph. The Ferrero brothers gave a gift to the village of their old church. Built in 1904-1905 on the drawing o...
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Chapel of S. Rocco

Address: Strada Tigliole, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 667003
Email: tecnico@comune.tigliole.at.it
Owned by the Municipality, it is located north of the town Inside there was a beautiful painting by the painter Paolo Arri (1926), unfortunately stole...
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Chapel of S. Sebastiano

Chapel built in 1894. It has been in complete abandonment for years; it has recently been renovated and enriched with a small green area in front of i...
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Chapel of S. Secondo

Address: Strada Provinciale 12b, 14016 Tigliole AT, Italia
Owned by the Giovara family (it was a piety vote by Giovara Carlo). Blessed by Don Pietro Triberti on 22 August 1912. Inside there is a large painting...
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